Dumbbell Dynasty Athlete Program

The Dumbbell Dynasty athlete program offers an ultra unique opportunity to become a part of a fast-evolving and inspiring, veteran-owned fitness brand. 

Joining the Dumbbell Dynasty team opens you up to all sorts of amazing and new opportunities. You will be apart of a self-motivating and inspiring fitness family all with the same mission in mind. To spread the word of physical fitness, on behalf of Dumbbell Dynasty, and change the lives of those around you.


Athlete Benefits:

We acknowledge the support we receive from our athletes and in return, we provide the team with tons of great benefits. The more we grow, the more we give back to our athletes.

As an athlete you receive:

  • Exclusive live dashboard to track your account
  • Personalized link and Discount Code to drive traffic to the website
  • Earn 10% commision on all orders you generate
  • Up to $45 in free apparel of your choice, for every 10 sales associated with your personal discount code and/or affiliate link.
  • An exclusive 20% discount code for your use on all purchases.
  • The chance to attend special Dumbbell Dynasty events such as photo shoots, fitness expos, etc. 


Athlete Responsibilities:

Being a part of the Dumbbell Dynasty family means that you will need to contribute to the motivation and inspiration that our athletes give forth each and every day.

You will be expected to:

    • Be ACTIVE on social media platforms and tag us so we can engage with you better. The better your content, the higher your chances are to be featured on our page!
    • Share your unique discount code with your friends/followers.
    • Show support for other team members, no matter what step they are on of their physical fitness journey.
    • Promote Dumbbell Dynasty and stand proudly with the brand.


    Do I have to sign a contract?

    Absolutely not, we do not believe in contracts. If you ever decide to leave the team, simply DM us to let us know and that's it!

    Who do I contact if I need help?

    You can either DM our social media pages or email us below. A representative will be with you as quickly as possible.

    If I want to become a Premier Athlete, what do I do?

    If selected to become a Premier Athlete, our team will personally reach out to you.

    Can I rep other brands?

    Of course, you can! We would never want to take away other opportunities from you to change the world and spread the positive message of physical fitness.

    Can I leave the Dumbbell Dynasty team anytime?

    Yes, you absolutely can, we have no contracts! We do ask that you please let the support team know by emailing us below or by sending us a DM.

      To apply: Send us an email below!

      *If you have already been contacted on social media, simply reply to the message instead of emailing*